Revitalization Project

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  • This project is dedicated to creating distinctive, competitive villages by utilizing the region's unique culture and resources.
    It stirs pride in history and culture, while reinvigorating local communities and regions to ensure sustainability.


Examine and evaluate the distinctive culture, values, and resources of the town and region.

Formulate community revitalization plans grounded in local culture and resources.

Create village-level revitalization programs leveraging local characteristics and resources.

Establish branding and marketing strategies to enhance the village's image and broaden the market for local products.

Empower residents as key drivers of competitive villages and regions.

  • nitial village planning.

  • Developing capacity-building and software programs, including education, public relations, marketing, and informatization.

  • Creation of village enterprises, such as cooperatives, and their management strategies.

  • Planning and executing locally-themed fair travel and MICE events.

  • Establishment of comprehensive plans for regional revitalization and regeneration.

  • Planning agricultural and community-focused R&D projects.

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