We provide top-tier services, guided by the motto 'Knowledge expands vision.'

  • A Company that Embraces the Spirit of Jeju.
    A Company that Evokes the Essence of Jeju.

    We are a versatile agency dedicated to MICE, tourism, travel, and local revitalization projects, all aimed at "enjoying Jeju, immersing in Jeju, and empowering Jeju," with a management philosophy deeply rooted in the Jeju spirit.


    Specialized experts, three decades of accumulated knowledge, and an extensive network within Jeju. When these three elements unite, we can provide prompt and precise solutions. The team 'Moongchee,' known for its excellence, is here to serve you.

  • The Oldest, Yet the Most Innovative

  • Founded in 1990.
    Introduced the first eco-tourism package in Jeju in 1990.
    Launched the Hallasan Snow Festival in 1997.
    Developed a carbon-neutral tour program in 2013.

    ‘Moongchee’ has consistently led the way in developing and operating eco-tourism packages, constantly striving to create new value for Jeju. This commitment to innovation is why our projects always feel new and extraordinary.

We provide top-tier services, guided by the motto 'Knowledge expands vision.'

We promote Jeju on a global scale through our MICE initiatives.

We preserve Jeju’s uniqueness and aid community revitalization.

Our commitment lies in ESG, promoting eco-friendliness, social responsibility, and corporate transparency.

  • Company Name : Moongchee Corp.
       Representative : Heo Yeong-shin
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